More than 29,000 People from 125 Countries Submitted their Favorite GoPro HERO9 Black Video Clips for the Chance to Earn an Equal Cut of $1 Million

The Result? Two Minutes of Pure Joy from Backyards, the Backcountry and Beyond

Today, GoPro proudly said: “three, two, one—dropping” to the third annual Million Dollar Challenge highlight reel video, putting $17,857 into the pockets of the included creators and smiles on the faces of everyone who views the video.

In September, GoPro launched its newest flagship camera, the HERO9 Black, and opened submissions to the Million Dollar Challenge the same day, leaving creators only 80 days to participate. The challenge, hosted by GoPro Awards, invited creators from around the world to tap into their creative prowess and send in their best HERO9 Black footage. The only guidelines: Submit unedited content that highlight the key capabilities of the new camera.

“The Million Dollar challenge is where we ask our customers to show us what they can do with our newest flagship camera, in this case HERO9 Black,” says GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. “It’s also our chance to give back to the GoPro community in a big way. Our community powers our brand and we love celebrating their creativity with the Million Dollar Challenge video and the signification cash prizes that help them pursue their passions even further.”

While the Million Dollar Challenge is in its third year, 2020 produced the most unique highlight reel GoPro has seen yet. Shelter-in-place restrictions and travel bans resulted in an uplifting ode to the happiness that is always within arm’s reach but is only now getting the attention it deserves.

GoPro Awards logged 29,000+ submissions from 125 countries. The GoPro team spent more than 250 hours reviewing every clip to make the final selections. At 6 a.m. PT today, 56 amazing creators woke up (or stayed up) to learn that they’d been immortalized in the highlight reel and had earned $17,857 a piece—their equal share of the $1 million purse.

This year’s Million Dollar Challenge creators, in order of appearance, are:

Aljaz Salkic (@aljazsalkicofficial)

Justus Zils (@justuszils)

Johnny Lo (@jitsslo)

Nicolas Mathieux (@nico.mathieux)

Jan Verhaeren (@verjanfpv

Aaron Sullivan (@azzaj)

Alex Meliss (@alex_meliss)

Bill Wang (@billwang1129)

Andreas Ost (@80sdisneyprince)

Andy Gryczan (@gryzdale)

Theo Demanez (@theo_demanez)

Nazar Doroshkevych (@dorosh.raw)

Tyler Jordan (@tylerbjordan_)

Travis Fisher (@skitrav)

Igor Lage (@igor.lage)

Benoit Finck (@benoitfinck)

Anthony Robert (@anthonyroobert

Victor de Valles (@victordevalles)

Jan Cadosch (@jcadosc)

Moona Whyte (@moonawhyte)

Sehjong Lim (@sehjonglim)

Louis Salaun (@louis_salaun)

Blake Sams (@nubbfpv)

Kilian Bron (@kilianbron)

Mathias Pettersen (@ivarmathias)

Andy Laufer (@andylaufer

Chris Rogers (@chrisrogers

Jean Jacques Wallis (@jeanjacques_wallis

Roman Rohrmoser (@rohrmoserroman)

Matthias Weger (@matthiaswegeradventure)

Martin Trotz

Pierre Lepretre (@pierrelpt)

Gina van der Ploeg (@gina.vanderploeg)

Gonzalo Gonzalez De Vega (@gochiestrella

Max Romey (@TrailboundSketches

Harry Morris (@hzzmozz)

Mustafa Birgin (@muzzip)

Fausto Magro (@fau._.sto)

Doehyeong Lim (@doehyeong_fpv)

Jeremy Liu (@jeremyliufilm)

Alexandre Constant (@artlexmedias)

Misha Egorov (@mishakegorov)

Martin Bochatay (@mengafpv)

Evan Macalister (@kevv.macc)

Jaume Mallart Galan (@jaumemallart)

Wei-Lun Chiu (@94___wing)

Pierre Dupont (@ponpont)

Aichi Ono (@spinboyaichi)

Justin Skinner (@itwillbefun.fpv)

Nicolas Gaillard-Groléas (@nicolas_gaillard)

Rodrigo Pederzini (@ropdz)

Nicolas Magnonnaud (@nicopeak_adventure)

Malcolm Moore (@malcolmmooresnowboarding)

Nina Anhaia Mello (@ninanhaia)

Mike Li (@dirtyfufu119)

Mikala Jones (@mikalajones__

Now, you may be thinking the task sounds too easy to be true—shoot something epic with HERO9 Black, submit and BOOM—well, that’s not the case. The options for excellence are endless when HERO9 Black is fueled by a 23.6MP new sensor that shoots 5K video and offers 77% more pixels, next-gen HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization with in-camera horizon leveling, TimeWarp 3.0 with Real Speed + Half Speed, and 30% more battery life. And when paired with the Max Lens Mod accessory, HERO9 Black delivers the widest, most stable video ever captured by a HERO camera, allowing for exceptional new perspectives.

So with that, we offer another massive congratulations to the HERO9 Black Million Dollar Challenge recipients. The video can be seen here.

For more information on the camera known for having “more everything,” visit HERO9 Black on