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GoPro Awards: We’re Feelin’ Foxy

Jun 29, 2022


We recently had a GoPro Awards submission that is in the running for the cutest video of all time. These cute kits poked their head out to enjoy some summer sunshine, and one lucky GoPro Award recipient captured it all on their HERO7 Black. While this litter enjoys its 5-seconds of fame, Alex Hardie gets to go home $500 richer thanks to his submission.

Getting started on GoPro Awards is simple! All you have to do is capture rad footage; upload your favorite photos, raw clips or edits; and—fingers crossed—get selected to score cash, gear and global exposure! You can also keep an eye on GoPro’s social channels for specialty challenges or submit to one of the always-on “Anything Awesome” or “Photo of the Day” challenges.

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