From Greece to the Virgin Islands, Yacht Week puts on a series of sailing festivals geared toward introducing guests to life on the water and embracing destinations along the way. With a week of aquatic adventure, delicious food and daily activities calling , 10 GoPro creators packed their bands and headed to Split, Croatia, to set sail.

Mixing and mingling with fellow Yacht Weekers, the GoPro team explored the old city walls of Padres Bar, rode scooters through the island of Vis, enjoyed sunsets views from Fort George, played volleyball on the famous white-sand beaches of Zlatni Rat, dressed up to enjoy a night out in Bol, and ended their week with a 50-yacht regatta, zooming through the crystal clear waters of Starigrad to Split.

In the midst of all this fun, the GoPro Fam put their cameras to the test, and we sat down with a few members of the GoPro Yacht Week crew to get some tips and tricks on how to capture (and enjoy!) days spent on the water …

JC Pieri
Director, Photographer + GoPro Family Member

What is your go-to underwater setting? For pictures, I use Time Lapse mode set to every 0.5 seconds. Pro-Tune on with sharpness set to low and color to flat.

Best GoPro mount or accessory to bring on a boat? The 3-Way—it's the one mount I bring everywhere, especially on a boat.

1 Yacht Week Tip? Bring a lot of funny clothes, hats and sunglasses. The crazier you look, the more fun you’re going to have with everyone. This is the spirit!

How'd you capture the photo above?  I didn't have much time to use my Fusion before Yacht Week. I think this shot in the middle of all the floaties shows how amazing the camera is and all the things you can do with it. In one picture, you can see all the fun of the event!

Maria Pettersson
Pilot, Bucket List Traveler + Ted Talker

What is your go-to underwater setting? I prefer to have my GoPro in video recording underwater, my go to setting is 2.7K 120fps, so I can slow it down to amazing slow motion.

Best GoPro mount or accessory to bring on a boat? The Handler

1 Yacht Week Tip? Bring fun outfits for the themed nights—these were so much fun! I wish I had gone all in on this. Also, bring the coolest floatie you can find! 

Malin Rydqvist
Pilot, global yogi + world explorer

Best GoPro mount or accessory to bring on a boat? The Karma Grip for cinematic videos from the boat, and the Bite Mount & Floaty for in the water.

1 Yacht Week Tip? Bring a lot of different and fun floaties! 

Simone Armanni
Photographer, filmmaker + content creator

Best GoPro mount or accessory to bring on a boat? Sleeve + Lanyard

1 Yacht Week Tip? Charge all your GoPros, and buy all the water mats—doughnuts, flamingos, etc! And music mode on equals guaranteed fun!

Lead photo captured by @JCPiere.