She is a powerhouse in the motocross world and recognized as one of the pioneers of women in racing. In fact, she holds the title as the first female gold medalist in an X Games moto event. And she is now the first-ever female athlete to represent on the GoPro Moto Team. We are thrilled to welcome the Puerto Rican wonder woman Tarah Gieger to the team.

Tarah has been crushing the game since she started racing professionally in 2003. Since then, she’s locked in nine X Games medals, four national championships and one ISDE World Champion title, and it’s like she’s just getting started. The 34-year-old says she’s currently chasing podiums in two different national championship series.

Beyond crushing hard on her badassery in moto, Tarah started catching our eye for her use of GoPro both in moto and in cross training when she’s either mountain or road biking. She says she prefers using a Chesty to grab POV shots from the manpowered bikes, but her content really shines when it comes to moto content—mainly because, again, she’s a badass on the bike. However, it’s gotten easier to share her POV with the introduction of HyperSmooth 2.0 replacing any needs for gimbals. Tarah says her favorite mount in these scenarios is on her helmet.

“For off-road riding, I really enjoy the Helmet Front + Side Mount,” Tarah explains. “It really shows how much I am working on the bike while riding and gives the footage a real dynamic feeling.”

In the offseason, you’ll find Tarah visiting her childhood hometown of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. After a season spent getting dirty, she says she’ll spend a few weeks at a time surfing every winter. We hope to see more GoPro footage of her in the lineup, too.

Cheers, Tarah, and welcome to the team!