The GoPro Snow Team is about to roll a little bit deeper today with the addition of Marcus Kleveland to the roster. The steezy snowboarder and 5-time X Games medalist out of Norway caught our attention, and we’re stoked to welcome him in as GoPro Fam now.

At 20 years old, Marcus has locked in an Air + Style Championship (2016) and claimed a U.S. Open Slopestyle Silver medal (2018). This year, he’s focused on channeling these days and feeling the competitive flow after busting his kneecap at the 2018 Dew Tour. The road to recovery has not been easy, but it’s allowed Marcus to get stronger and more focused.

“I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and feeling comfortable on the board,” he says. “Just gotta take it one step at a time!”

As for content, there is no shortage in Marcus’ Insta feed these days. He’s stacking clips with the help of filmer Petter Ulsletten and their favorite mount: El Grande.

“We use El Grande with the HERO8 and try to get as close as possible on jumps and get some dope lines while riding," is what Marcus says he and Petter focus on. "It's crazy how smooth the stabilization on HERO8 is.”

El Grande for the win, indeed. Beyond tapping into more creative flows, there are a few other GoPro Snow perks Marcus is looking forward to … i.e. the get the opportunity to ride with the legend himself, Travis Rice.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Travis Rice! So this one has to go to him.”

Cheers to that, Marcus! We can’t wait to see what this year has to offer both in content and competition for you. Welcome to the team.