We are stoked to welcome freeride mountain biker Jackson Goldston to the GoPro Team! Actually … we are stoked to welcome the future of freestyle riding to the team, considering Jackson is joining at just 14 years old.

Hailing from Squamish, B.C., Jackson has been a growing name in the mountain bike world the last few years. Rightfully so—it’s not every day you see a son send it off a cabin drop and leave his dad behind. We first caught up with Jackson in 2014 to see what the then-10-year-old had in him, and we walked away with a new appreciation for what it meant to be fearless. Check it out below. 

Since then, we’ve enjoyed watching Jackson grow—both as a rider and in height—and today it feels good to welcome such a talented rider to the team. Welcome, Jackson, and keep shredding!