Jan 22, 2019

The GoPro Surf Team is excited to announce its newest member today—Nathan Florence. Straight from the North Shore of Oahu, Nathan has been making a big name for himself on the big wave tour lately.

Let’s just say we envy his fearless nature dropping in to some of the heaviest waves around the world—Jaws, Nazare, Teahupo’o, Nias. Growing up surrounded by surfing royalty with his brothers John John and Ivan, the Florence boys are known for pushing the limits of modern surfing. Very few look as natural in the stand-up barrels across the seven-mile miracle as 24-year-old Nathan, and the resulting POV footage is really what caught our eye.

His mastery of getting clean HERO7 Black shots gives everyone a glimpse of what it takes to surf the waves we’ve only dreamed of. Armed with his mount of choice—a combo of the Bite and Surf Mounts—anticipate seeing a lot more of Nathan’s content in 2019. And we’ll be rooting him on when 2019 WSL Big Wave Tour kicks off in October. Welcome to the team!