MAX is the first camera of its kind. It’s all the goodness of GoPro, but with three cameras in one—a vlogging camera, a 360 camera, and a traditional HERO camera. What more could a creator want? Software? Well, MAX has that too with a new keyframe-based workflow in the GoPro App called Reframe; this paired with in-camera stitching and one SD Card makes this the most user-friendly 360 camera on the market, which is an accolade being given by creators and tech reviewers.

Tune in to a few of our top MAX reviews below.


1. FunForLouis - vlogger


2. The Verge - tech review


3. Potato Jet - vlogger


4. Gizmodo - tech review


5. Sam Sheffer - vlogger


If you are looking to dive deeper into MAX software, Reframe and corresponding Adobe Plugins, check out GoPro’s own Abe Kislevitz’s deep dive below.