Two billion views on YouTube. That’s upwards of 7.8 thousand years of GoPro content watched across the 2,000-plus videos on the GoPro YouTube Channel.

We’re no Dr. Evil, but 2 billion is a pretty impressive number, and there’s no way could have reached this milestone without the GoPro Community. A community made up of go-getters, adrenaline-seekers, inspirational leaders, passionate sharers and loyal followers. This is the group that our CEO and founder Nick Woodman wants to recognize first and foremost as we raise a glass to this accomplishment.

“GoPro serves as a platform for positivity, celebrating all that’s awesome in our world,” said GoPro Founder and CEO Nick Woodman. “We take pride in being a beacon of radness in today’s hectic world. People are amazing, and we’re proud to champion them through our content channels.”

From to bear-hugging a lion to nailing a 72-foot backflip, viewers from more than 240 countries and territories have tuned in on YouTube to see what GoPro is up to. Of the 2,000 videos (and counting) that we have published, 405 surpass 1 million views and an impressive 44 total more than 10 million views.

These videos, paired with nearly 7 million loyal subscribers, have landed GoPro on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard seven times, and elevated GoPro to the No. 1 Brand Channel on YouTube in 2014.

Thank you, GoPro Community. Cheers to 2 billion, and here’s to a billion more!

TL;DR: Peep some of the jaw-dropping GoPro antics that captivated viewers and catapulted the GoPro Channel to 2 billion views on YouTube.

In loving memory of Kelly McGarry.

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