Jul 23, 2019

Trips for Kids Marin’s mission is to provide transformative cycling experiences for underserved youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. TFKM aims to build self-esteem, inspire healthy lifestyles and instill environmental values. Founded in 1988, the organization has introduced over 38,000 Bay Area youths to the joys of mountain biking on trails in local, state and national parks. GoPro volunteered for a ride through Golden Gate Park recently, and the experience was truly inspiring.

The following words are by Jamie Bate, Trips for Kids Marin’s communications manager.

The pure kinetic energy that young people experience pedaling the trails of the Bay Area’s county, state and national parks is simply contagious. And recently, GoPro Family teamed up with TFKM to help capture and share the joy, exhilaration and freedom sparked by riding bikes. 

Without TFKM, many young people in the Bay Area would not get to savor the simple joy of riding bikes—something many of us take for granted. Along with exposing young people to a new activity in new and beautiful places, our programs help build self-esteem, inspire healthy lifestyles and instill a love for the environment.

Lofty goals, yes, but again, the smiles on the faces of the kids say it all. TFKM is resolute in its efforts to keep kids smiling.    

On another level, GoPro is also helping to address another reality of being a nonprofit: Funding. In a recent push to share our mission, TFKM staff began using video and photos shot with GoPro to craft compelling stories that let our donors and sponsors experience the joy kids experience in our programs, and showing that from the rider's POV is much more compelling.

TFKM offers Trail Rides, Mobile Bike Workshops and Earn-a-Bike youth development programs that help young people stay active, experience natural places, gain environmental and STEM-based knowledge, build confidence and develop job-readiness skills.

We also operate the Re-Cyclery Bike Shop in San Rafael, where we refurbish, recycle and sell donated bikes, parts and accessories at prices accessible to everyone in our community. The Re-Cyclery not only funds itself but helps get more kids on bikes.

None of this is possible without financial support from generous donors. Join us in supporting youth exploring the natural beauty of the Bay Area and help us Get More Kids on Bikes and by donating today.