Capping off a historical snow season that began with the release of his highly-anticipated Fourth Phase film, Travis Rice recently chased down some deep late-season powder with CMH Heli at Galena Lodge in beautiful British Columbia. While shooting for a new film, Travis took the opportunity to equip his Karma Grip Extension Cable to capture a new line he’s coined, “Hydro Dojo.” 

Thanks to the incredibly stabilized footage from Karma Grip, we get to fully experience the true genius of Travis’ riding, and from the unique GoPro perspective we can better understand how he chooses his line with calculated spontaneity. The combination of smooth GoPro video capture and Travis’ fluid style makes for an incredible moment high in the Canadian Mountains. 

Soon, you will be able to witness much more incredible snowboarding in the forthcoming film, Depth Perception presented by Quiksilver and CMH Heli. The film, directed by Chip Taylor of Rubble and Chris Murphy of Helio & Company, will be coming soon, but in the meantime, you can drop into Hydro Dojo with Travis.

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Athlete: Travis Rice

HERO5 Black
Karma Grip
Karma Grip Extension Cable
Curved Adhesive Mount (affixed to helmet)

Resolution: 4K
Frame Rate: 30fps
FOV: Wide
Protune: ON

  • Color: GoPro
  • Sharpness: low
  • ISO: 400