The latest 5K-enabled, 20MP-photo-taking HERO9 Black has only been on the market for a few months, and it’s already catching the undivided attention of top tech reviewers around the globe.

From passionate writers to cutting edge YouTube reviewers, HERO9 Black is now the go-to recommendation for the best combination of ruggedness, versatility and quality—image, audio and performance alike (get all the deets here). Plus, with the new GoPro Subscription bundle, users get a screaming deal and walk away with editing solutions, cloud storage, future discounts and more. And GoPro isn't the only one swooning over HERO9 Black.

Let’s let some of our favorite tech reviews do the talking from here.

1. Casey Neistat, YouTube – “In a world where there’s a lot of good enough options, do you need the best? … YES – GoPro made the best camera they’ve ever made. It’s incredible and perfect in every way.”


2. James Trew, Engadget – “GoPro has broken through that glass ceiling with a new 23.6-megapixel sensor. This is a big deal.”

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3. Peter McKinnon, YouTube – “The one thing [HERO9] is phenomenal at is the new Horizon Lock. … Amazing feature; something that will eliminate so many headaches and it will save so many clips.”


4. Becca Farsace, The Verge – “There is just about every resolution and frame rate combo you could possibly need on the Hero 9. The 20-megapixel sensor can record 5K 30fps, 4K 60fps, and all the way up to 1080p 240fps”

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5. Joshua Goldman, CNET – “With a bigger battery, more pixels and a seemingly endless list of shooting options, GoPro's new top camera is a life-capturing machine.”

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6. Brent Rose, Gizmodo – “Ultimately, if it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded, or you’ve just been waiting to get in on the action camera game, this is the best GoPro yet.”

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Another question that has probably come up: Do you upgrade? Again, we’ll let the tech reviewers do the talking. But overall, you’ll see that the chart-topping ratings prove HERO9 Black, with all of its elevated 3.0 features, lives up to the hype.

GoPro HERO9 Black tech reviews.
  • WIRED ranked HERO9 Black 9/10 and coupled this score with a “WIRED Recommends” badge. The reasoning: “New sensor offers 5K video and 20-megapixel stills. Pull 14.7-megapixel images from 5K video. HyperSmooth 3.0 really does create incredibly smooth videos. Battery life is 30 percent better overall. Scheduled Captures record the perfect sunrise without you. Plastic-free packaging.”
  • Engadget scored HERO9 Black at a 92, whereas HERO8 Black logged a score of 90. The pros were as follows:
    • Great bundle price
    • Full color front display
    • 5K video and 20-megapixel photos
    • Improved battery life
    • Useful new shooting modes/features
  • The Verge awarded HERO9 Black 8.5/10 for crisp 5K footage, useful front-facing screen and “still rugged build quality.”
  • PC Mag posted an in-depth review resulting in 4/5 stars with an “Excellent” rating.
  • And Videomaker has HERO9 Black slated for a 2020 Best Product of the Year Award for Best Specialty Camera. The verdict: “Regardless if you are a veteran professional or a kid with a dream, the GoPro HERO9 Black is going to be a great tool to get it done. By offering it with insurance and cloud storage for a discount, GoPro is begging you to buy one. If you need the best action camera in the market, you can’t beat the HERO9.”


Last but not least, a video of pure 5K gold produced by GoPro creative director and HERO9 Black whisperer Abe Kislevitz.


Learn more about HERO9 Black here, or grab your own here