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For the last few years, Tomasz Furmanek has spent much of his free time exploring the waterways of his homeland in his kayak, documenting the serene views with his GoPro. By day he works in software, but many evenings and weekends, Tomasz is exploring the Norwegian fjords with his camera. His exploits have become well-documented and his work is published across global media, and it’s easy to see why.

Tomasz’s photos have a clear signature, and they exude a drama, and oftentimes solicit an emotional response. With the bow of his kayak serving as guide, the observer is transported across tranquil waterscapes.

For Tomasz, timing is everything. Calm waters, dramatic light, limited bystanders: many factors must align to get the shot. The still water lends itself to symmetric composition, the evening or early morning light provides vibrancy and, frankly, the fewer the people the better. 

And while the photos he captures are a primary motivation for his ventures into the uninhabited, Tomasz finds his kayaking adventures therapeutic offer him balance in his life. It’s only fitting that his photos illustrate a pronounced balance and symmetry, and it’s because of this he has received numerous GoPro Awards.


You have likely seen his shots in GoPro marketing material, but you can follow his exploits on his Instagram and peruse his work on his Web site.


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