GoPro Fusion marks the beginning of a new creative era. It captures everything around you so you’ll never miss the shot, and gimbal-like stabilization makes it all shockingly smooth. And, combined with the GoPro app, Mobile OverCapture allows you to reshoot endless perspectives all from the same content. And since Fusion is so new, we have some Quik Start Guides to getting you capturing more, faster and easier.
Learn how to mount your Fusion, capture content, connect to your mobile device, and OverCapture your way to amazing video content!

With Fusion, there are a ton of mounting possibilities. And, when mounted optimally, the mount will actually disappear from your 360 content! Learn more above.

Capturing content with Fusion is as simple as turning it on and tapping the shutter button. But, you can quickly learn more about changing settings, and switching from video to photo modes above. 
Whether you change settings and modes directly on the camera, or using the GoPro app on your mobile device, you can easily set up your Fusion for every situation and setting. Learn more about pairing your Fusion to your phone below.

Above, learn how to connect your new Fusion camera to your phone using the GoPro App. The GoPro App makes it easy to connect your camera, view your footage and share your favorite shots on the fly.
Now with Mobile Overcapture, you can also create amazing traditional videos from your 360 content right on your phone. Learn more about Mobile OverCapture, specifically, below.

There you have it! And you can always revisit this page for a quick refresher, as well as check back for future tips and tricks for getting the most out of your GoPro Fusion.