So, you've got a new GoPro, and you've already shot a ton of HERO-level awesomeness. You've got the "Is it on?" shot, the selfie at the hoilday party, and maybe even the bottle-mounted celebration chug. Now it's time to show everyone and prove your legendary status. Well, you only need a couple moments to connect your GoPro to your mobile device and get to sharing. First and foremost: down the latest GoPro App from the App Store or Google Play.

Now, let's get started:
  • On camera: Swipe down (from top to bottom) on the Touch Display 
  • Select “Connections”
  • Select “Connect New Device”
  • Open GoPro App on your mobile phone


  • Tap camera icon at top left of screen
  • Tap “+ Add Device” at bottom of screen
  • Select your camera model and follow prompts

If your camera needs a firmware update, the GoPro App will let you know and you can do it right from your mobile device.


  • Tap Menu icon at upper left of screen
  • Tap “Camera” (2nd in list)
  • Tap “+” icon at upper right of screen
  • Select your camera model and follow prompts

Tip: You can turn your wireless connection on and off at the bottom of the “Connections” dropdown on the camera.

Now that you're connected, and you on well on your way to creating a ton of cool stuff to share across the intergalactic web, it's time to put the phone away and let it start doing the work for you. With QuikStories, all you have to do is point and shoot your GoPro. From there, the GoPro App will automatically transform your latest footage into an awesome video with music and effects. Ya, it's awesome. Learn more below.