The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, best known as MACBA, is a famous clutural hotspot in Spain. But for skateboarders, MACBA is a melting pot of raw talent and nationalities that meet here to ride and progress together in the infamous plaza.

This mecca of skateboarding and its unique architecture is full of features that are perfect for every style, transforming it into a dream location that is iconic to skaters worldwide. During 2018 GoPro teamed up with Alex Braza founder of MACBA Life, a platform dedicated to sharing and documenting the day to day tricks, characters, and community of the plaza.

Talking about his experience, Alex kept seeing more and more skaters posting their daily hammers and decided why not have one platform that collects this content and showcases it all. He explains that although at the beginning it was hard getting people involved it slowly started receiving a lot of support from the local scene and eventually turned into what it is today, an online resource almost as famous as the real spot where skaters of any skill level, all over the world can check in on what’s going on in the Barcelona skate scene.

When you ask Alex what makes MACBA Life so special you hear his passion and understand what it’s all about.  “For me it’s the best place to skate in the world not only for it’s perfect flat ground, millions of different obstacles, and the attention it gets from the skating scene, but anything can happen … its always new, you meet people from around the world, you enjoy the community and there’s nothing better than the feeling of hype you get from being a part of it”.

This collaboration brings together some of the best moments shot at MACBA in 2018. Big shout out to Alex and all of the skaters that took part in bringing this piece to life! For much more follow Macba Life on Instagram and Facebook.