TEN million subscribers to the GoPro YouTube channel. We are beyond stoked to reach such an amazing milestone and honored to have a platform to share our GoPro productions with you, and hopefully, we’ve been able to inspire along the way, too. These videos wouldn’t be possible without our community of athletes, advocates and, most importantly, our customers from all around the world. We truly harnessed the power of YOU in YouTube. 

We’ve been fueling the GoPro YouTube channel with content that runs the gamut from funny to adrenaline-pumping to informative and even thought-provoking since our first post on Sept. 29, 2009 (watch the OG BASE jump video below!).

Since then, GoPro has accumulated some impressive YouTube stats with 2,000+ videos posted totaling 2.8 billion views and more than 93 million hours watched. Now, reaching the 10 million subscriber mark is an incredible testament to the hard work that has gone into each and every one of these videos. We are so excited you’ve enjoyed them enough throughout the years to subscribe for more.

YouTube recognizes this achievement as the top milestone in content creation, so we’re also thrilled to say we’ll have a DIAMOND play button trophy proudly displayed in the GoPro Media Department from this day forward.

PROTIP: If you ever find yourself in the GoPro Media Department, and you want to have someone understand how truly epic your shot is, refer to it as a “banger.” They’ll know to stop everything and watch.

Hopefully, you—the GoPro Community—will continue to help us grow and reach new heights with that’s creatively possible on GoPro cameras. Until then, we’ll drop a few more bangers on our YouTube channel, and hope that they inspire and entertain.