GoPro is proud to support Outward Bound of California's City Skyline Challenge and it's life-changing programming. The following words are by Erin Thacher, Communications Coordinator for Outward Bound of California. 

You move to adjust your harness just so, as your heart is racing in your chest. You breathe in one long, slow breath of chilly morning air. The beauty of the green space surrounding you distracts you from your nerves for a moment. Then, it’s your turn to step back over the edge. 

Something shifts as you face your fear of heights from the top of a rappel surrounded and supported by your team of instructors and classmates. In that moment, you’re doubting yourself, but you still find that you are moving down the rope inch by inch. That moment when your toes leave the wall and you are free-hanging in your rappel, you realize you are really doing it. You realize you can overcome fear and you can trust the support of your team just as they can trust and count on you. You realize and experience your own power. You are doing what seemed impossible. And suddenly, many more impossible things are within reach.

This is Outward Bound California (OBCA)—a character development and leadership program that uses high impact outdoor activities to teach leadership, conflict resolution, communication and an ethic of service.

On Nov. 1, professional athletes, local leaders, celebrities, adventure enthusiasts and GoPro family members will join OCBA at the City Skyline Challenge 2019 to test their limits and experience what the programs is about as they rappel from the largest hotel on the West Coast—the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

This year, OBCA partnered with GoPro as an event sponsor so, as rappellers make their decent, GoPro’s new 360 camera, MAX, will capture incredible view of the San Francisco skyline from all angles.

Using wilderness and urban green spaces as a vehicle, OBCA empowers participants to step outside of their comfort zones and do things they might not initially think possible—cue rappelling experience! 

OBCA has been serving youth, veterans, and professionals in California since the 1970s and established its headquarters in the Bay Area in 2007. Since then, they have served over 20,000 local participants. To continue expanding access to impactful outdoor experiences close to home, OBCA is partnering with San Francisco Recreation and Parks to construct a high ropes challenge course in San Francisco’s iconic McLaren Park set to open in early 2020. 

In our digital world, OBCA is proud to have found a fitting partner in GoPro—to capture the epic outdoor spaces throughout California and most importantly, capture the thrill of stepping outside their comfort zone and discovering true potential. As a Summit Sponsor of OBCA’s City Skyline Challenge 2019, GoPro and OBCA are raising awaresness, sharing epic content and working toward raising $300,000 to support scholarships for youth and veterans.

Get updates and a link to the live stream video of the event on the OBCA websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram.  If you’d like to support outdoor leadership scholarships you can take part and donate here.