Jan 31, 2018

Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, rustled up the 44th Annual Cowboy Downhill this January, bringing the rodeo to the slopes. As you can imagine, if you get more than one cowboy in the same place, there is bound to be competition. Rodeo athletes are fearless and love to compete, even if it means sliding down a hill with unfamiliar equipment, well outside their comfort zone. It's so much fun, in fact, that it has become an annual tradition during the Stock Yard event in Denver to attract the cowboys and cowgirls for some competition away from the arena.

The GoPro Bomb Squad kicked off the event by jumping out of a helicopter dressed like cowboys, because....obviously. From there, the cowboys took to the slopes to compete in an unfamiliar format on skis and boards in several categories, because what is a Giant Slalom if you don't have to rope and saddle a horse? The final event, aptly named the Stampede, is a full-on charge down the hill at once causing wrecks and creating a spectacle for the fans and guests of Steamboat Resort.

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