Jan 29, 2019

Stab and Beren Hall have done it again. They've gone and shot an epic travel diary with Dion Agius. But this time, it's in Portugal (rather than Beren's local Tasmania stomping grounds), and even more importantly, it's shot on HERO7 Black. 

In Tasmania, when Beren, Dion and Stab first collabed, HERO6 Black was the choice GoPro that won the longtime surf filmmaker over. Now, flash forward to 2019, and HERO7 Black has swooped in as "The (Petite) Lens That Stole a Veteran Surf Filmmaker’s Heart." 

While filming on location in Portugal, Beren said the new GoPro, in all it's rugged, wateproof glory, helped him capture moments in and out of the water that weren't possible, or not nearly high enough quality, until now. He said the combination of new features and increased cinematic quality is what makes the HERO7 Black worth the upgrade.

Beren really pushed GoPro to deliver throughout the trip, so he has a few techniques to share that helped him capture gold every time.

"The main mode I used to shoot everything was 1080p in Linear Mode at 120fps," he explains. "I just really like the look of the linear, and the 120fps footage looks so smooth when slowed down. I also shot a lot using the new Time Warp mode when driving."

Read, watch and revel in all of Beren and Dion's skills—and travels—over on Stab's website.