GoPro's Torstein Horgmo and his crew are back with a new ShredBots film, R3Bootand we can tell you firsthand it features a plentiful amount of face-melting footage. In fact, this last week, with the help of Rockstar Energy and DC Shoes, Torstein and the ShredBots took over the GoPro Carlsbad office amphitheater to premiere R3Boot to a lucky SoCal audience. 

Featuring rippers Torstein Horgmo, Craig McMorris, Brage Richenberg, Werni Stock, Mark Sollors, Anto Chamberland, Josh Carreola, Nik Baden, Kyle Mack & Brandon Davis, R3Boot brings the fun back to snowboarding, and isn't sparse on the shreddiness. Check out the teaser above, and keep an eye out for the release at