Looking to score some premium audio out in the lineup? Look no further than Sennheiser’s all-new MKE 2 elements microphone, designed for the GoPro HERO4 camera. Sure, you can capture great audio along with the awe-inspiring video the HERO4 is known for, but in many situations the waterproof housing is crucial to surviving the elements. With just the waterproof housing, the audio is stifled. Thanks to the ingenious MKE 2, however, you can keep your camera protected and still capture high-quality audio. Whether it’s a conversation in the lineup, a hilarious hoot as you bomb a downhill run, or the serene sounds of slashing snow, the MKE 2 will pick it up while your camera remains protected. 

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“The MKE 2 elements has been designed to break through these barriers in the same way that GoPro cameras have done, giving users the ability to add fantastic sound that makes action cam footage even more intense,” said Achim Gleissner, Commercial Manager for Broadcast & Media at Sennheiser. "In parallel to bringing the MKE 2 elements to the market, Sennheiser is working on solutions for HERO5 cameras and is excited to continue to collaborate with GoPro as their products evolve.”

The MKE 2 elements is able to take on virtually anything GoPro users can throw at it, from  surfing to mountain biking. It is based on a professional Sennheiser lavalier microphone, but optimized to take on the snow, ice, and wind. It can even record audio under water, thanks to an “advanced capsule design with an internal Umbrella Diaphragm to protect its acoustically active membrane, a watertight connection with the camera’s protective housing, and a special windshield.” Unlike traditional wind muffs that do not perform well in wet conditions, the innovative new design keeps performing, whether wet or dry. 

For the surf journo, this is the perfect tool for those interviews and updates from Dawn Patrol. Rainy shooting days? No problem. Intense powder runs? Crystal clear audio to go with the high def immersive video.


MKE 2 elements Technical Data

Dimensions                            approx. 125 x 70 x 60 mm (back cover and wind stopper),

                                               Ø 62 mm (wind stopper)

Weight                                   45 g / 0.1 lbs (back cover, mic and wind stopper)

Connector                               GoPro® audio connector for HERO®4

Ingress protection rating       IPX7, waterproof to 1 bar (1 metre / 3 feet for 30 minutes)

Mic pick-up pattern                omni-directional

Frequency response               20 Hz – 20,000 Hz

Temperature range                -20°C to +70°C / -4°F to +158°F (storage)

                                               -10°C to +50°C / +14°F to +122°F (operation)




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