Rory Kramer describes himself as a “professional life liver.” And he could not be more accurate. He’s been blessed with working with some of the biggest names in the current music industry, and he’s a much-loved part of GoPro Family. He’s the guy that pushes you to have the best time, every time.

Recently, though, Rory went through some tough times and found himself in a creative valley. Around this time, GoPro was able to send Rory on a passion project of his choosing. He chose Iceland, and the results—not just content, but personal growth and beyond—were truly inspiring. 

We were lucky to catch up with Rory after his trip to see how things went. Here’s what he had to say:

GoPro: Rory, the trip looked incredible! Why Iceland, why @ThatOneBlondKid as your partner in crime, and did you have a specific destination/activity that you thought would help reignite your passion?

Rory: I chose Iceland because of the experiences I had there before. They were life changing.

I filmed an unplanned Justin Bieber Music Video there; I went to a friend’s wedding there—I’ve had some really great memories.

I picked ThatOneBlondKid because I have known him for a few years now, and he has a very similar personality to me—he thinks quick on his feet. He also knows how to get content out of me.

I simply thought that getting out of Los Angeles and into a place that seemed familiar, but was still so unknown to me, [would be perfect for the passion project].

Can you tell us a little bit more about what your passion means to you, when it started, and why you’re looking to find it again?

My passion is everything. Without it, life seems rather dull. I think I’ve always been passionate, but about five years ago it really changed as I left a 9-5 job to do freelance, and that is when I got really passionate about creating content and traveling. The reason I’m looking to find it again is I hadn’t felt like myself, and without it, my mental health began to suffer. I wasn’t unable to focus on anything except getting it back.

What moment stood out as inspiring?

Going to a spot I had been before and seeing ThatOneBlondKid’s reaction. Seeing someone react honest to nature is very inspiring. I’d also have to say meeting people that knew me and my work—that always blows my mind because I don’t think I’m anything other than a person. As I sit here and type this in my one bedroom apartment, I wonder what’s so special about me … I’m just trying to figure out life like everyone else.


Where did you find yourself thinking “thankfully we have a GoPro, cuz otherwise we’d never get this shot”? Basically, where was GoPro most useful in Iceland?

It was so nice to leave a GoPro out over night to capture the Northern Lights and not have to worry about it getting wet. We just set it up, passed out and grabbed it in the morning.

Also, I left a Fusion doing a sunset time lapse in the middle of this rock field as we went on a hike. When we came back, and it was dark, it took us about an hour to find it LOL. The good thing was it didn’t stand out, so no one stole it.

What advice can you give budding or struggling filmmakers?

Do it for the right reasons. Continue creating to keep the fire inside you going. Do your time, and continue to push yourself until your time comes. It took me 15 years before my film career popped off.

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