Jun 9, 2017

The only way the GoPro Mountain Games could get better is to turn the trip there into an adventure itself. GoPro Family members Sam Evans, Brinkley Davies, Gaby James, Louis Cole and Katie Marylander did just that this week, and of course, they captured it all with their GoPros.

Knowing they would have a full schedule of activities awaiting them in Vail, Colorado, the crew decided to pre-game a bit on their journey. A first stop came in Utah Lake State Park, where they took to the waters on a boat, and slashed some turns on wakeboards. 

The adventurers continued their route to Moab, where they hiked Granstaff, then a stop in Dead Horse State Park for sunrise to fly Karma. As you can imagine, it was a perfect warm-up to the GoPro Mountain Games at the end of their journey. 

The GoPro Family is full of different backgrounds, different stories; but they meet on comon ground of passion for living a big life and sharing their experiences with the world. Give them a follow to learn more, and take a quick vicarious trip above.