Feel like slipping your GoPro into something a little more colorful? Then get excited about the newest Red Sleeve + Lanyard.

Joining the pink, white, blue and black colorways, Red Sleeve + Lanyard will take your fashion game from subtle to sultry. And nothing pairs better with the holidays than a red accessory. At $19.99US, the gift of a Sleeve + Lanyard will make the GoPro-lover in your life swoon.

And speaking about love and life. The launch of the Red Sleeve + Lanyard happened to land on China’s fastest-growing holiday, Single’s Day. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Single’s Day, and the first that GoPro is launching a product, alongside companies like Nike, that celebrates how sweet it is to be loved by you(rself).

Pro tip: All Sleeve + Lanyard colorways are FDA-approved silicone, so you can safely drool all over your footage.

Red Sleeve + Lanyard is available now on shop.gopro.com.