GoPro is proud to bring back its Pink Sleeve + Lanyard in support of breast cancer awareness. We are donating 10 percent of net proceeds from sales of the product to Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC). As B4BC says, “Early Detection + Healthy, Active Lifestyle = Best Prevention” and we are excited to help spread this message. After all, knowledge is power!

We caught up with Megan Pischke, B4BC’s Marketing + Wellness Manager, in between sessions during the Chasing Sunshine Wellness Ocean Retreat to hear more. Part of B4BC’s model has been to create spaces for survivors to find rejuvenation, inspiration and healing. The wellness retreats are a big part of that mission. 

Megan (far right) enjoying the most recent Chasing Sunshine Retreat, which was held in Escondido, Calif. The retreat aims to balance physical and mental health with sessions ranging from yoga and surf to meditation and nutrition.

B4BC has been holding snow- and surf-focused wellness retreats since 2005. Before Megan’s official role with B4BC, she was a professional snowboarder and used an early model of wellness retreats to gather and commune with her girlfriends. After long periods on the road, they’d get together and spend the weekend doing yoga and taking to the snow or the water, which has always been a powerful elixir for her, and having a "damn good time" laughing and catching up with each other. This is how she knew the power of creating this type of space for survivors could be something potentially life changing. 

Being that both GoPro and B4BC are so tightly connected to the board-sports community and share a mission of empowering individuals to live healthy and active lifestyles, teaming up is a natural fit. From the beach-side skatepark to the snow-covered mountain tops—with our shared ambassadors and athletes, including Jamie Anderson, Leticia Bufoni (above) and Elena Hight—it’s always felt that B4BC and GoPro are closely aligned. 

Donate to B4BC or rock an Electric Pink Sleeve + Lanyard on your GoPro today to support the cause!