A little bit of waterproof action mixed with some creative genius—what more do you expect from GoPro’s Photo of the Day series? Submit for a chance to be featured via GoPro Awards.

MONDAY: Wet wheels in Wales with @owenorangeHERO7 Black set to Burst Photo Mode for the winning shot.

TUESDAY: Hanging 5 with @mattcuddihy in Queensland.

WEDNESDAY: Kayak caravans through Chile with GoPro athlete @aniolserrasolses. Captured here with @gerdserrasolses by HERO7 Black.

THURSDAY: Stopping for views with GoPro Awards recipient @albeross_. This is the perfect example of using Linear Mode to eliminate the fisheye effect and capture a straight horizon with a more natural perspective.

FRIDAY: Mola Mola sightings with @ac.putnam captured on HERO7 Black. Did you know the Ocean Sunfish is one of the heaviest bony fish in the world?