Paul McCartney dropped a new installation to his self-titled album series in mid-December 2020, effectively serenading us out of one of the weirdest years the world has ever seen. But at the same time, the 2020 quarantine lifestyle also made for a unique album fueled with tracks that came together in the comfort of Paul’s studio in Sussex, England.

If you’re now wondering what made the former Beatles’ music slide onto GoPro’s radar, here’s the scoop: “Slidin’” is one of the many highlights from his No. 1 album McCartney III. The song stands out from the rest for its high-energy rock vibes. Slidin’ actually sounds like it was produced with action sports in mind. So this is where GoPro comes in.

After recording Slidin’, Paul happened across some adrenaline-packed GoPro footage and became immediately inspired. He told his team that the Slidin’ music video had to feature GoPro POV footage and all the mind-melding stunts that come with it. With this, GoPro joined a few other action sports companies, like Red Bull and Vans, to help make the vision come to life.

You can listen to McCartney III on Spotfiy and watch the Slidin' music video above.