In April 2019, PADI and GoPro joined forces to provide divers a platform to share their underwater experiences and perspectives across borders and language barriers through the three-part PADI/GoPro Evolution Video Contest. The catch: all submissions must be capture by GoPro.

Throughout the year, more than 3,000 water enthusiasts submitted video footage, edited clips and created stories that captured the imagination while demonstrating passion for adventure and the ocean. And now, drum roll, please. We are excited to announce that Marie Abe from Japan was awarded first place for the final segment of the contest, Capture + Edit, for her video (above) showcasing the sea of Ishigaki Island.

Shizuku Umino of Indonesia won the first tier of the contest, Capture, for his amazing footage of a barracuda tornado.

Patricia Cabral of the United States claimed first place for her creative edit of clips provided by GoPro for the second tier, Edit, portion of the contest.

Each winner received a cash prize of $2,000 USD, and runners-up received a GoPro package consisting of a HERO7 Black along with a dive-ready Super Suit—to ensure the action camera would reach depths greater than 33 feet—and a GoPro Adventure Kit, which comes with The Handler floating grip, a Head Strap, a QuickClip and a Casey travel case.

Amateurs and professional videographers alike took part in each of the three segments of the contest. GoPro and PADI offered video tips, tutorials and inspiration from GoPro ambassadors throughout the contest, providing divers with the knowledge necessary to film and create engaging underwater videos.

To learn more about what's happening over at PADI, head over to its blog.