GoPro is committed to making strides in diversifying all aspects of our company and brand. In Dec. 2020, we joined the In Solidarity Project’s Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge to help us structure our approach and hold ourselves accountable to our commitment.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, but we acknowledge there will always be more work to do. GoPro’s collective goal is to be honest with ourselves about where we need to accelerate progress and develop solutions to do so. To see our full report, please visit our bio page on the Pledge website.

Since signing the pledge, we’ve seen an increase in awareness and appetite for our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) mission within GoPro. More employees are participating in events and trainings and finding ways to make DEIB central to their work. We’re having hard, sometimes uncomfortable, conversations that are necessary to build a better and more inclusive GoPro.

While we have spent much of our first pledge year gathering data to develop benchmarks and goals for the 2022 pledge report, many teams have taken the intent of the pledge to heart and are already working to make progress in parallel to goal development.

Ultimately, as shared in our DEIB mission, our goal is to ensure that no group of people goes underrepresented at GoPro. We are grateful to the Pledge Committee for giving us a tool in the Pledge itself by which we can measure our progress. We look forward to doing the long-term work to make GoPro a more representative, and equitable force in the world.

And once again, please take a moment to view our full report by visiting the GoPro bio page on the Pledge website.