New York > Los Angeles > Tokyo > ?   Where is Nigel Sylvester Going Next?

GoPro is proud to officially welcome Nigel Sylvester to the GoPro Family, and join him in announcing the next installment of his incredible GO video series. Using his talent on a BMX bike and his appreciation for art, style and travel, Nigel created GO to express his creativity and share his perspective with his audience.

“The idea first came to me in the summer of 2015. I wanted to create a piece of content that would connect me more with the viewer. I wanted to use the POV perspective to really share the feeling of what I am doing in the video,” says Nigel of his GO series. “Early on in my career, I knew I wanted to have the creative freedom to celebrate where I am from, my roots, my city, the culture that I live in. From music to art to fashion to language to travel, my city has so much to offer. I set out to create a visual experience that showed what it’s like to be a creative in my environment doing an unconventional sport. I wanted to highlight the music I actually listen to, the people I know, the places I go; way beyond the bicycle tricks.”

What began as an idea to show his perspective of riding in the city he calls home has evolved into the ultimate creative outlet for Nigel to paint his masterpiece across the globe.  First, he showed us his city through his eyes. From there, he traded coasts and set Los Angeles ablaze. With momentum built, and an audience wanting more, he took us across the Pacific to Toyko for the most intense GO yet. And Nigel is about to GO again, with GoPro capturing it all.

From New York to LA to Tokyo, Nigel has taken us with him, showing us what it is like to be behind his handlebars. And now he has his sights set on his next destination: Dubai. Prepare to experience the largest and most opulent city in the United Arab Emirates through the eyes of Nigel Sylvester and the lens of GoPro.

“I want to highlight the city for all of the amazing things it has to offer. And with the quality and flexibility of GoPro, it is sure to be unreal, and in 4K.”

GO Dubai is set to drop early this summer, so in the meantime you’ll have to revisit the previous GO videos to curb the anticipation.


Welcome to the family, Nigel! We can’t wait to see the next GO