Apr 5, 2017

Want to get closer to the action? The new Karma Grip Extension Cable and El Grande extension pole will get you there during any on-the-go adventure, while new firmware updates for HERO5 cameras will improve the already-awesome capture experiences with these products. 

Starting with our new accessories, the Karma Grip Extension Cable maxes out the versatility and performance of the Karma Grip by allowing you to separate the grip from the stabilizer for comfortable body mounting, like on a helmet or chesty. Perfect for naturally-bumpy activities (think: biking, motorcycle riding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking) the Karma Grip Extension Cable allows you to capture unbelievable smooth, pro-quality footage with your Grip mounted nearby or stashed away. The coiled cable provides 35in (89cm) of extension, which also allows for ultra-versatile mounting setups. Use the Grip as a wired remote to control your GoPro and change your capture angle when the stabilizer and camera are mounted out of reach. ($99.99. Available beginning Sunday, April 9, 2017 on GoPro.com and at retailers worldwide.)



Also new to the accessories line-up is El Grande - a collapsible pole that offers more than 38in (97cm) of extension for your GoPro, allowing you to capture new perspectives and get closer to the action. Swivel your GoPro 360-degrees using the integrated ball-and-socket base, and when you’re done, El Grande becomes el pequeño, collapsing down to an easy-to-carry 15-inches. ($59.99. Available beginning Sunday, April 9 on GoPro.com and at retailers worldwide.)    



In addition to new hardware, we’ve released a software update that will improve the performance of your HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session cameras. Practice your Korean, Russian and Portuguese with the addition of these three languages to our camera and voice control languages.

HERO5 Black users will experience additional improvements, from the ability to extract a photo from a multi-shot series to additional photo mode shutter settings in Protune™. The firmware update for HERO5 Session adds a 4K/24 video resolution and enables all fields of view in 1080/48p setting. 

Finally, users of both cameras will experience firmware update benefits when using GoPro Plus - our subscription service that enables you to upload your footage from your HERO5 camera into the cloud automatically (along with a bunch of other cool services). Got Plus? Update your HERO5 camera firmware and dig in for new enhancements. Haven’t gotten the Plus memo yet? Click here to start your 30-day free trial!