GoPro has updated one of the our all-time best-selling GoPro mounts and accessories—the 3-Way.

Like its predecessor, the new 3-Way 2.0 can be used as a grip, extension arm and tripod for capturing spring skiing with your crew, using as a tripod for time lapses and night photography or framing up artistic angles with ease. 3-Way 2.0 can also be used with the GoPro Light Mod for added versatility when hands-free lighting is needed.

The updated 3-Way 2.0 includes a ball joint for versatile mounting angles, a quick release mount for fast camera swapping, a tripod integrated into the handle and an ergonomic anti-slip grip with a removable wrist lanyard for peace-of-mind.

3-Way 2.0 retails for $69.99 or $48.99 for GoPro Subscribers. Learn more at