You only get one shot … wait, no that’s not right. You get infinite shots from HERO8 and MAX to be eligible for the 2019 Million Dollar Challenge, so long as you submit them to GoPro Awards by Jan. 12.

You only get one angle … wait, that’s also not right. In fact, the more creative your angle is, the more intrigued the panel of GoPro experts will be. After all, they’re scrubbing through hundreds of content submissions daily.

Do not miss your chance for some cash flow … This is actually 100% accurate. Last year’s 56 Million Dollar Challenge recipients each raked in nearly $18,000 each.

Our palms are sweaty, knees week and arms are heavy with the anticipation of this year’s Million Dollar Challenge video.

There’re video submissions already, HyperSmooth and steady. Submit Jan. 12, 2020, at 11:59 PT for your chance to snag a cut of the Million Dollar Challenge. Recipients won’t be announced until the final video goes live at the end of January 2020.

Still have questions? Lose yourself in the video above hosted by two GoPro experts and featuring the creative director behind last year’s Million Dollar Challenge video.