In the ‘Million Dollar Creator’ series, we’re sharing the stories from some of the 56 creators featured in GoPro’s Million Dollar Challenge highlight reel. Learn more about this first-ever, community-generated video here.

Wang En Liang purchased his first GoPro in 2016. Since then, he says the “tiny camera” he knew very little about just a few years ago has transformed the way he sees his hometown of Wuhan, China. It’s also changed how he has captured the birth and first few years of his now-3-year-old son.

Wang initially stumbled upon the GoPro Weibo channel and learned that GoPro was starting a community soon on WeChat. He applied to join immediately and started to passionately answer GoPro newbies’ questions in the chats. Wang quickly became a WeChat moderator, and it’s where he first learned of the Million Dollar Challenge when HERO7 Black launched in Sept. 2018. With the knowledge he learned from the channel, Wang submitted an award-winning clip!  

Wang says his passion for GoPro even serves as a driver for him to learn English to read what’s posted on global GoPro social channels. Today, he posts on Instagram in English at @wangenliangdabai, hoping to inspire more of his followers on GoPro.

Here are five questions with Wang.

GoPro: How long have you used GoPro?

Wang En Liang: Since 2016, my first GoPro was a HERO4 Black. I used to love mountain biking, and I learned about GoPro from a mountain bike website in China.    

How did you hear about the MDC, and what inspired you to participate?

I learned about the MDC from China’s WeChat Public Account. I am enormously passionate for GoPro, so I try to participate in all the competitions hold by GoPro, whether or not I think I can win.

How did you conceptualize your submission to MDC?

I have a 3-year-old son, so I shoot mainly family-related subjects and beautiful sceneries of China. I get my inspiration from contents posted by GoPro Social Channels.

Where were you when you learned you’d won, and how did it feel?!

I had just gotten home from work when I learned that I’d won by casually watching the video! It was extremely unbelievable. I could not believe my eyes. I had to double check my footage to make sure that was my cut.

What do you plan to do with your cut of $1 million?

First of all, I will purchase a new computer with better performance, so I can create more video content and learn to edit better! I also want to use the money to take my son and family out to more trips and see the world.

Wang also flew himself to Shanghai and treated GoPro employees to Sichuan hotpot as a thank you!

What does the future hold for you and your GoPro?

I love the value that lies behind the GoPro brand and the way GoPro encourages people to step out, have fun and record our experiences. This is why I am so passionate about GoPro! I will continue to use great content to influence and share with people around me and introduce more people to the GoPro life.