Feb 20, 2020

“5,4,3,2,1, ZEROOOOO” 

Wondering who was crazy enough to catapult their body off a bridge? None other than our friend and two-time GoPro Million Dollar Challenge Awardee, Chase Reinford, the man behind the wild @adrenaline.addiction stunts. From Philadelphia, Penn., Chase’s infatuation with chasing adrenaline stemmed from a career-ending snowboard injury and quickly turned into his passion. Now with almost one million YouTube subscribers, Chase’s full-time job is cliff jumping off abandoned hotels, base jumping from skyscrapers across the world and living a life full of extremes—all captured on his GoPro of course. What a gig. 

We met up with Chase back in November at Outward Bound’s City Skyline Challenge to get know the guy behind the teeth-clenching stunts. 

GoPro:  When did you first start using GoPro? 

Chase Reinford: The first time I used a GoPro was in 2011 after I moved to Breckinridge, Colo. My snowboard sponsor gave me a HERO2 to film some stuff for them.

What’s your day job?

I don’t have a typical day job. Most of my income comes from my YouTube Channel, Adrenaline Addiction, and the merch I sell. I regularly license the videos I create for a little extra income.

How did you start getting into all the adrenaline-fueled activities? 

I’ve always been on the adventurous side. Snowboarding was my outlet in the winter and motocross in the summer. I used to snowboard competitively. I had a pretty serious accident, which ended my dreams of riding professionally.  After I recovered, I lost my passion for snowboarding and began cliff jumping. It just evolved from there.

How does it feel to be a two-time Million Dollar Challenge awardee?

I feel super blessed!  It’s a big deal for me. My clip was even used for the official video drop, which made me even more excited. It gave me chills!

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to keep topping your content?

No, I don’t think I’ve ever really felt pressured. It’s always been a natural progression for me. I don’t ask myself, “How am I going to top that?” It’s always been my desire to continuously get better at whatever I’m doing, while having fun doing it.

What inspired your awarded clip this year?

I was just doing what I love to do, and it turned out perfectly. The crowd was stoked, I was stoked, it just fell into place. 

What GoPro were you using + settings, if possible?

I was shooting 2.7K 60fps set to SuperView on the HERO8, and a high bitrate with ISO max at 400 and Medium Sharpness.

What are you going to put the earnings toward?

Last year, most of the earnings from the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge went toward more adventures and into the research and development of a parachute I am creating. This year’s earnings will be used to further develop my company. It will also be put toward traveling and finishing a documentary that I am working on. I have lots in the works!

What shots are you most excited to chase on HERO8 or MAX, or both?

All the actions shots I have planned for 2020 :)

Watch the full Million Dollar Challenge HERO8 + MAX video here.