Feb 21, 2020

Skydiving, paragliding, speed flying … basically anything that involves flying through the air, is where you’ll find GoPro Million Dollar Challenge awardee Angus Sellen. 

After spending hundreds of hours soaring the beaches around Torquay, Australia, Angus Sellen started chasing stronger winds and bigger goals, i.e. speed flying. Which is 100% what it sounds like—a more advanced form of paragliding that includes higher and more technical descents.

Now working as a skydive instructor and spending every spare moment up in the skies in Wanaka, New Zealand, Angus heard about the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge from a fellow sky-diving friend and two-time Million Dollar Challenge awardee, Ryan Patrick. With a HERO8 and MAX ready to go, Angus hit the mountains and put his years of speed flying practice to work. And it paid off. Angus’ technical speed flying clip, which he self-captured on his MAX (nope, not a drone, #sorrynotsorry), landed him in this year’s Million Dollar Challenge and made him $22,222 USD richer. 

We caught up with Angus to learn more about his Million Dollar Challenge inspo and life in general.

GoPro: When did you first start using GoPro?

Angus Sellen: My first GoPro was a HERO2 that I used mostly while surfing and, eventually, lost at Lennox Head in New South Wales while getting in on the rocks, which would have been funny to watch. I then had a HERO4 Silver that I used for skydiving. Now, I have the GoPro MAX and the HERO8 which I use for work and playing in the mountains.

What’s your day job? 

I’m working as a skydive instructor and camera flyer at Skydive Wanaka.

How did you hear about the MDC?

I saw last year’s video that a friend, Ryan Patrick, was a part of it. A recent Instagram post from GoPro reminded me of this year’s challenge, so I decided to upload some footage. 

What inspired your awarded clip?

I really love flying, and the clip used in the MDC is from one of my favorite lines. I wanted to capture it using MAX because it provides an awesome perspective of the pilot, wing and terrain in one frame. 

 What GoPro were you using and settings?

GoPro MAX on 360 mode, capturing in 6K.

What are you going to put the earnings toward?

I have put some of the money toward some proper mountaineering clothing and equipment for when the weather isn’t perfect. I’ve learned the hard way that shorts and a jacket don’t always cut it. Oh, and a speed flying trip in Europe later in the year. 

Would you participate again in the future?

Of course! 

What shots are you most excited to chase on the HERO 8 or MAX or both?

I’m keen to get some similar footage with MAX on some different lines and play with different mounts to see what gets the best perspective. And using the HERO8 for following and filming friends.

Watch the full Million Dollar Challenge HERO8 + MAX video here.