Join us on a journey into the mind of ​three-time Grammy award winning​ percussionist Mickey Hart. Best known ​as an integral part of The Grateful Dead, Mickey takes us on a rhythmic​ tour of his personal universe ​where he combines his love of music, science and the visual arts.

With the help of Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Hart is unlocking the rhythmic potential of the mind with their "Rhythm and the Brain" project at UCSF.  By translating his brain’s electrical impulses into sounds we can hear, Hart seeks to unlock the healing power of the brain by identifying its rhythmic code.

"It all comes down to the fact that we are made up of billions of rhythms, embedded in a Universe that vibrates constantly, 24/7,” Hart says of his collaboration with Dr. Gazzaley.  “These sounds represent the master clock, our brain, it is only by dancing with their rhythms that we can begin to know what makes us human.”