Hey GoPro innovators, creators and 360 enthusiasts. We have some exciting firmware update news for GoPro MAX. We released an update today that unlocks mind-bending new options for spherical video and photo capture. New features include the addition of 3K at 60 frames per second, Time Lapse Video and Time Lapse Photo, all in 360 mode.

The availability of 3K video at 60fps gives users more flexibility when filming things that are action-oriented or anything that simply would look cool in slow-mo, from speeding down a mountain to simply tossing a frisbee.  This 2x slow-mo mode also allows for more time to pan and zoom around in the frame while the action is happening so you can get the perfect shot.

We’re also introducing 360 Time Lapse Video and Time Lapse Photo – features that you may recognize from single-lens HERO mode that are now brought to spherical capture. Time Lapse Video in 360 mode means users have more interval options for capturing longer periods of time. Think: sunrise, sunset, scenic drives—when captured on MAX, these can now be 360 adventures.

The beauty of Time Lapse Photo is it enables hands-free 360 photo capture during activity. Prior to this update, a MAX user would have to press the shutter button to capture a 360 photo, but in Time Lapse Photo mode, creators can select a single photo from all the shots taken or use the footage to create an actual time lapse.

“3K60 video enables more diversity in what you can capture and play back, particularly in high action scenarios,” noted Abe Kislevitz, Creative Director of Media and also one of GoPro’s earliest employees. “Adding time lapse video and time lapse photo provides additional options for shooting longer activities or moments with a greater amount of creative control.”

But that’s not all, this MAX firmware update extends horizon leveling capability in single-lens HERO mode to TimeWarp and Photo modes, allowing for more freedom in mounting and shooting without the worry of horizon lines.

This is all tied together once MAX is paired with the GoPro app—our one-stop mobile editing tool for 360 content that transforms footage into polished images and edits. And since you asked, we answered. The new firmware update allows for even faster offload of MAX content to the GoPro app, which means you get from capture to share more quickly.

Update your MAX firmware by connecting to the GoPro app and following the prompts. Or update manually following these steps.