Time lapses are cool, but have you ever seen time be warped into a magic-carpet-ride experience? This is what TimeWarp on HERO7 Black is known for. The new feature takes the mundane and turns it into insane, immersive content.

Take an otherwise monotonous road trip recap or scenic walk around a city for example, in real-time playback, the footage is yawn-worthy. But speed this up by 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x or 30x and pair it with HERO7 Black’s leading HyperSmooth technology, and you come out with an incredibly engaging recap, reminiscent of magic carpet ride.

This magic, according to GoPro algorithms manager Thomas Derbanne, is made possible by combining the existing time lapse video feature with the gimbal-like electronic stabilization of HyperSmooth that is built into HERO7 Black. From there, an additional algorithm comes into play to capture frames at the increments with which you set your speed. So at 5x speed, the algorithm grabs roughly every fifth frame.

Now you may be thinking, any time lapse captures every fifth frame in this scenario, which is accurate. But unlike a traditional time lapse video, which requires the GoPro be stationary, TimeWarp requires movement. And with this movement comes the ability for TimeWarp to deviate ever so slightly from exact five-frame increments to ensure the end product is that smooth magic carpet ride phenomenon.

Here are a few ProTips to consider:

  • The faster the acceleration speed, the steadier the footage. The magic of TimeWarp is that it applies HyperSmooth to a more traditional Time Lapse Video. Therefore, when the speed is set to 30x, the maximum amount of frames are being captured to deliver the smoothest hyper lapse possible.
  • Tailor TimeWarp settings to the activity. TimeWarp can be sped up to increments of 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x and 30x, but the speed needs to match the motion.
    The less jarring the activity, the less you’ll need to speed up an activity. Take mountain biking for example. Flying down a multitude of switchbacks creates a lot of changes in direction, so a speed of 30x will create a chaotic TimeWarp. Instead, choose a speed of 5x to deliver a fluid recreation of the run. Alternatively, a long city walk or scenic run captured in 30x speed will flow effortlessly from your GoPro to ‘wow’ viewers.
  • There is a need for speed. As a general rule of thumb, shorter activities work best when sped up to 2x or 5x. And longer activities look best at 10x, 15x or 30x.