Kauai surfer earns $20,000 for lengthy Namibia tube ride

Koa Smith (Kauai, Hawaii) has won GoPro of the World powered by Surfline with his game-changing 27-second POV tube ride from Skeleton Bay, Namibia. The inaugural competition challenged surfers from around the globe to document their epic surfing moments on GoPro cameras with the single-best clip earning $20,000.

“I’m just so psyched, it was the barrel of my life and I had a GoPro in my mouth,” said an elated Koa Smith after being presented with an oversize check from GoPro by his brother Alex. “I just couldn’t even believe it. If I didn’t have a GoPro, I would try to explain [that wave] to people and they would just be like, ‘Yeah right, whatever.’ I’m just so stoked that I got that wave, that guy didn’t burn me, and I filmed it.”

Watch Koa Smith’s reaction to winning GoPro of the World: http://www.surfline.com/video/featured-clips/koa-smith-wins-gopro-of-the-world_119715

"GoPro congratulates Koa Smith for winning GoPro of the World and taking home $20k, by catching the longest barrel of his life at Skeleton Bay,” said Adam Instone, Sr. Manager, Action Sports at GoPro. “Koa has been a consistent content producer, so it’s no surprise he captured this epic session on his GoPro. Thanks to everyone who submitted their clips, as its truly amazing to see the the level of talent and caliber of surfing present today worldwide." 

The online video contest opened May 1st, with over 140 entries submitted from all points of the globe leading up to the September 30, 2014 cutoff. Judges Cyrus Sutton, Pete Hodgson and Mike Prickett deliberated over the clips, comparing top tube riders like Jamie O’Brien, CJ Hobgood, Shane Dorian and others’ entries to Smith’s never-ending barrel.

The 2014 GoPro of the World followed on the success of 2013-2014’s GoPro of the Winter, won by Jamie O’Brien.

“Expanding the event worldwide really opened up endless possibilities,” said Mike Cianciulli, Surfline’s event director. “It was amazing and exciting to absorb all the entries we received this year.”

GoPro and Surfline are kicking off another round of GoPro of the World powered by Surfline on November 1, 2014 until March 31, 2015 with another $20,000 up for grabs.