The following words are by world-record holding kiteboarder Nick Jacobsen. Nick, a man of many talents, is also the kiteboarder in this video. This is the second time he's executed the now-infamours Necker Island jump from the roof of none other than Sir Richard Branson's house in the British Virgin Islands.

When getting invited to the magical Necker Island by Sir Richard Branson, your adventurous side gets charged from the get-go. Very few places in the world shove lobster down your throat for breakfast and creates an atmosphere of time standing still in a place where Earth is another planet—that’s an adventure in itself. But of course, no new destination is complete without the possibility of a crazy jump.

So while enjoying 4 a.m. caviar and being spoiled with unpredictable electrifying activities for a couple of days, I had secretly been calculating the risks of a possible launch from the top of the Great House. Risk calculating is a crucial step in the process of planning a safe, yet adrenaline-sufficient jump.

After some more assessment, I finally concluded I was more than ready for it, so the next step was to make sure the jump got captured in the most beautiful way possible—I always want to share the experience with everyone. That’s why we captured everything in 360 with a GoPro Fusion. This offers all angles without compromising quality. 

In this jump of about 16 seconds, Fusion not only captures my front, my back, the oh-so-important details of my stupid jumping face, but also lets you all enjoy the jump with me, virtually.