Oct 3, 2018

Kieran Brown is a legend. But let’s backtrack a bit to explain why.

Kieran and fellow freestyle John Farnworth are known for doing freestyle soccer in very unique places, on the edge of cliffs, on top of insanely tall structures (like antennas), or John for example, juggled the ball all the way to everest base camp. But what happens when Kieran and John dream of taking freestyle soccer to all new heights … literally?

The duo came to GoPro recently after realizing the position one sits in while suspended in a harness mirrors that of the stance while performing tricks on land. That's when the idea to hang from a hot air balloon started to formulate. After a few practice runs, hanging from a balcony and later a gondola, it was go-time.

The crew set out for Austria just outside the popular ski town Kitzbühel, and with the support of Lensecape and Alpineballooning, as well as Under Armour, the vision came together. 

Just before first light, loaded up with harnesses, roap and plenty of soccer balls, the hot air balloon started the ascent to 3,000 meters. All-on-all, the flight time was about 60 minutes, and started out with Kieran and John starting at the edge of the basket to adjust to the altitude.

But the ultimate goal was to be lowered 20 meteres below the basket, so little by little, Kieran and John were lowered. And little by little, they began to acclimate, even though John said what we were all thinking at one point—“I don’t know why I agreed to do this?!” We hear you, John, but we’re glad you did!

Eventually, they were comfortably lowered 20 meters and spent 25 peaceful minutes suspended above the remote Tirolean Alps freestyling from the air as the sun rose.

Huge shout out to Under Armour, Lensecape and Alpineballooning, who were the first people to ever balloonski and baloonhike as a pieceful alternative to heliskiing and now freestyle soccer-balloon, for making this all possible.

Watch the video above or check it out here. Also, see what @kierandb is up to on his YouTube channel and visit John's channel here.