A wise man once recognized Aspen as a destination where beer flows like wine, and once a year, it also becomes the place where snow athletes flock like the salmon of Capistrano. The 2020 X Games were no exception to this. In fact, they proved to be the perfect venue for GoPro Snow Athlete Jamie Anderson to secure an X Games Gold in an unmatched Slopestyle performance.

Jamie now has 17 X Games medals, making her the third most decorated X Games snowboarding competitor ever, following Shaun White and Mark McMorris tied with 18 (after Mark’s Big Air silver this year). Take a step back, though, and Jamie’s overall medal count, Olympic and X Games both, makes the most decorated female athlete ever.

And there is no other competitor fit for such an honor in our opinion. Jamie is the definition of grace under pressure. She is no stranger to taking big risks and, often very publicly, paying for it with even bigger falls. But she always gets back up, and you can see the determination of a champion pushing her to keep going.

This weekend was the perfect example, after a seventh-place finish in Big Air—an event that would secure the medal needed to tie McMorris in overall counts—Jamie shook it off and hit the Slopestyle course en fuego, nailing two of her four runs. You’d never guess that this peaceful off-season yogi spends her nights dreaming of perfecting 1080s, and that’s why we love Jamie.

jamie anderson 2020 x games earns gold in slopestyle. secures 17 x games gold medal total.

Jamie now has her sights set on the US Grand Prix in Mammoth Mountain, Calif., this weekend. The US Ski and Snowboard event hosts the best of halfpipe and slopestyle competitors, a team Jamie has been a part of since 2007.

These competitions are all getting Jamie one more step toward the ultimate goal of representing the US at the 2022 Winter in Beijing. As a two-time Olympian, we can’t wait to what Jamie brings to slopestyle competition until then. Keep charging, Jamie!