GoPro Fusion is now shipping and we are already seeing some amazing content being published wordwide. So how are those Fusion users managing their content? Of course, they can use the GoPro mobile app (iOS) to control the camera, preview, and  trim + share their spherical content, but if they want to dive a little deeper and set themselves up for some increible OverCapture edits, they connect their Fusion to the computer and Fusion Studio. In Fusion Studio they can stitch, render, stabilize and color both spherical and reframed OverCapture content. 

So how does it work? Pretty simple. All you have to do is,
  1. Open Fusion Studio with your camera connected, and select “Browse Camera Content.”
  2. With your content organized at left of Fusion Studio window, select clips you want to render, choose your in- and out-points with the slider just below preview window.
  3. Select “360” or “OverCapture” with the toggle below player at right of workspace. **Choose 360 if you plan to edit in Adobe Premiere CC with GoPro VR Plugins. If you want to punch out multiple angles out of a single clip with OverCapture, select the “shot” on the left, and click “Create A Copy” at bottom right of Studio window. Make as many copies as you want clips.
  4. Use the Yaw, Pitch, Roll and FOV (OverCapture) sliders to adjust your composition.
  5. Once you have composed your shots, click “Add to Render Queue.”
  6. Click “render” and let Fusion Studio work its magic.

Now that you have stitched and rendered your content, you can import your full spherical clips into Adobe Premiere CC for editing, or your punched-out 1080p clips into editing software of your choice (GoPro Studio, iMovie, etc.).

Fusion Studio comes packaged with GoPro Plugins that will install if Premiere/After Effects CC is found on computer, and can be accessed in Video Effects.

GoPro VR Horizon: Straighten horizon using sliders for the yaw, pitch and roll axes. You can also use keyframes to create transitions between the spherical point of views and an optional “Smooth transition” checkbox helps you smoothen complex transitions.

GoPro VR Reframe: Change the field of view and the point of view, using the same three sliders for yaw pitch and roll. And just like GoPro VR Horizon, you can use keyframes and the “Smooth transition” checkbox for your storytelling.

GoPro VR Layers: Insert text, logo and video layers onto 360 footage.

Take your edits to the max with Fusion Studio. Create amazing professional videos and sync up with Adobe® Premiere® Pro and After Effects®. Learn more about Fusion and download Fusion Studio at: