Aug 12, 2016

They dreamt it up, we’re just here to make sure it comes true.

This month GoPro started our #DreamReal campaign, which aims to inspire users to make their dreams come true. Whether that means travelling to a remote land or going outside your comfort zone to tackle a new hobby, no dream is too farfetched.

We turned to our social media advocates to see what #DreamReal meant to them back in June. And as we sifted through the dreams, we began to notice a handful of stories that needed to be told—stories that we felt would simultaneously inspire, educate and empower GoPro users around the world. We narrowed the dream-making mission down to six noble asks and set out on our first journey with blogger and #GoProGirl Sarah Murrell.

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Sarah, who works as a park ranger, dreamed of visiting visit the pristine mountains of Nepal armed with a week’s worth of paint supplies to replicate the beauty on her own canvas. 

“I think my entry stood out for a project like this because it was different and sort of emotional,” she explains of her winning video entry. “I let people see a side of me that isn't what you'd expect based on my lifestyle. I'm usually doing things outdoors, playing in the mountains and capturing more action-style shots. But more recently, I started getting good feedback for my paintings and realized having this artsy side was exciting and people wanted to see it.”

Up until now, Sarah had never left North America. She grew up in Canada with six siblings, so she jokes that although they had some epic family trips in the “old Chev,” they mainly stuck to road trips and camping. So she always had an infatuation with travelling, and couldn’t help but gawk as she heard friends’ stories and read about adventures in “Lonely Planet” books. Then at the 2016 GoPro Mountain Games, Sarah says she saw the #DreamReal announcement, and it was like the starts aligned. 

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“I remember watching the announcement video and feeling the hairs on my arms stand up,” and from that moment on, she set into action to use GoPro creatively, yet effectively, to share her dream. Sarah says she experimented with new mounts, played with angles and incorporated subtitles for emotional impact until she had shot and edited a flawless piece.  

Within a few months, she was headed to Nepal to paint the peaks she always dreamed of. “It was a very emotional, scary and exciting moment for me.” But she wasn’t alone, she had some of the GoPro Family travelling with her to help take her skills to the next level. 

From testing new mount ideas to fine-tuning settings and mastering GoPro’s editing apps Splice and Quik, Sarah got some amazing one-on-one time with  some of GoPro’s best content creators, and it shows in the video Sarah posted on her Instagram (@MountainDarlin)

As magical as the trip was, Sarah lights up the most when she recounts the people she met and the experiences she had along the way, calling it “transformative.”

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“I feel completely changed after that trip,” she explains. “I feel inspired to create more content, to paint more, to travel the world. I feel like it lit a spark in me.”

Hence another huge part of #DreamReal—inspiring others to throw caution to the wind and pursue their passions.

“It was hard for me to admit that I've never gone to a foreign country, and going to Nepal to paint in front of people was totally outside of my comfort zone,” Sarah says. “It's cliche to say but, dreams do come true. Sometimes it’s just putting yourself out there and taking chances— might be scary, but in the end you'll be glad you did it.”

We will have five more stories to tell by the end of 2016, both in video and on The Inside Line. For sneak peeks into upcoming #DreamReal adventures, keep an eye on GoPro’s Instagram. And to watch Sarah’s dreams come true in Nepal, visit GoPro's Facebook, or check out the story from Sarah’s POV on her blog