GoPro Armie: Our Handiest Mount Ever

We've all been there: picturesque view, perfect light, exotic location...but you're solo. It's just you and your GoPro. Sure, you can frame in a nice landscape shot, or even snag a classic selfie, but expectations are looming. Your parents have been hounding you for years about settling down with "the one," and lately, even your friends are starting to drop subtle jabs about your choice for independence. Why not continue to enjoy the journey alone while giving the impression of companionship? 
Introducing Armie, the ultimate mount for living up to expectation. 

With Armie, you can capture killer #FollowMe footage without anyone else actually following you. Featuring FirmGrip™ technology and GoPro’s proprietary ‘Elbow Up’ camera placement joint, you'll be leading your Armie to content that's pure gold. You'll swear your footage was touched by Midas himself.
The best part (besides not being weighed down by someone on your journey)?
You only have to fist over $59.99 to bring home your new faithful travel companion.

Armie Mount $59.99

  • FirmGrip™ Technology provides ergonomic, realistic feel
  • Elbow-Up camera placement joint for true-to-life perspective
  • Interchangeable, modest faux-leather bracelets for added character depth
  • 2-point adjustable joints with thumbscrew connection
  • Compatible with all HERO cameras
  • Waterproof to 30ft (10m)