Do you like to ride your bicycle? Do you like to ride your mountain bike? If you said yes, then today is your day.

Saturday, July 20, marks the annual International Ride Mountain Bike Day or, in social media terms, it is #RideMTBDay. In honor of the day, bust out your favorite hardtail, endure, dualie, you name it, get out there and get dirty.

We recently chased all-star crew Darren Berrecloth, Geoff Gulevich and Macayla Gatto around Indo on some of the most picturesque rides we’ve seen this summer. We caught up with Claw afterward to get a few of his favorite tips for filming.    

GoPro: What are your go-to settings on HERO7 Black?
Bearclaw: 2.7K 30fps with HyperSmooth on. I usually set Sharpness to medium or low because I tend to be back and forth through trees a lot. Oh and SuperView. I always try to have SuperView on.

Another question I get a lot is: ‘Do I really need to use 4K?’ and ‘Should I use 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio?’

Only use 4k if you’re editing in 4K on a computer and not watching on an iPhone or Android. The only time I run 4K is when I’m shooting for a movie production. If you’re focusing on posting to social media, 2.7k is plenty. For aspect ratio, 16:9 is geared more toward YouTube and 4:3 is more directed toward Instagram.

Has HyperSmooth changed the way you shoot mountain biking?
Yes, before HyperSmooth, to get solid footage I would always use a gimbal. Now, unless it’s an insane whoop-type trail, the footage is bangin’ smooth

Do you use Protune?
Always. I suggest Protune ON and set to AUTO. Then I edit in post if I need to.

What is your go-to mount?
Chesty. It’s most mountain bikers’ favorite mount. It’s the most convenient setup because it’s completely out of the way as you ride, and it captures one of the best angles to showcase what you’re doing on the bike.

ProTip: Mount HERO7 Black upside down to get the best Chesty angle. The GoPro will auto-correct the video orientation for you.

What’s your favorite secondary mounting option?
Helmet POV that gives you a top-down angle. I use the Front + Side Helmet Mount with the GoPro mounted vertically to capture the visor and chinbar on a full face. Vertical gives you that really big, top-to-bottom aspect to see the sky down to your front tire.

Visit the official website to find a #RideMTBDay event near you.