The following are the top features of Quik that differentiate it from others on the market today. Some features may feel familiar at first but reveal mega upgrades once you get started, and others are brand new entirely. Take time to explore each and have fun experimenting!

1. Mural: At its core, Quik solves the “black hole” problem of your phone’s camera roll, and it does so by storing all your keeper moments—both photos and videos—on your private Mural feed within the app.

There are two main ways to populate Mural:

1) Send content to Quik from anywhere on your phone by using share sheets on iOS and Android. To do so:

  • Open a photo or video on your phone
  • Click the Share icon
  • Scroll to Quik in available app options
  • Tap the Quik icon and the photo or video will be immediately added to an existing Mural event of your choice.

You can also create a new event at this time, or if you select multiple photos and videos to send to Quik, it will create a new event with just this content.

PRO TIP: You can customize your phone’s share sheet on iOS and stick Quik right up front in the pecking order. Android populates base on usage, so start sending to Quik!

The Quik share extension allows you to send photos and videos to quick from anywhere on your phone.

2) Send content directly from the in-app Quik media gallery. To do so:

  • Select a photo or video from your Media
  • Tap the icon in the upper right to add it to a Mural event
  • Each Event will be automatically turned into a customizable highlight video.

PRO TIP: Your Media gallery consists of four content locations: App, Cloud, Phone or Edits. You can use and of these four locations to populate your Mural.

Quik features powerful, easy-to-use, yet sophisticated editing tools.

2. Powerful Editing Tools: Select a photo or video from your Media and tap the pencil icon to reveal easy-to-use tools for playing with color and light, trimming video length, adding stickers and more.

3. New Speed Tool: Select a video from your Mural or Media, tap the pencil and select the Speed icon. This allows you to apply multiple speed effects to a single video clip. Toggle between 1/2x slo-mo, real time or speed up as fast as 22x. You can also add freeze frames for designated amounts of time.

Quik features a growing list of royalty-free music, scene-optimized filters and exclusive highlight video templates.

4. GoPro-Exclusive Filters: Select a photo or video from your Mural or Media and tap the pencil to reveal 25 filters made in-house at GoPro and optimized for the environments that they were shot in, like snow, desert, water and more. Use the scrub bar to customize the intensity of the chosen filter. 

5. Premium Themes: Select a highlight video from your Mural or or start a new one from your Media and tap the pencil to reveal 13 video edit themes. Each theme can be customized further by overlaying text, playing with transitions, changing the music (more below), selecting duration and choosing a format fit for the intended sharing platform—social media, text or just saving to your personal device.

6. GoPro Original Music: Edits are synced to the beat of 18 royalty-free tracks curated in-house at GoPro—with more to come. We’ve also categorized the music by its vibe, like love, memories, friends, travel and more.

You can learn more about the Quik launch here, or download the app today by clicking here.