Summer is the best 92 days of the year. It’s a time for rest and relaxation, for backyard barbecues and marathon beach days, for gathering with family and friends, and best of all, for travel and adventure.  

Since we are heavy into the dog days of summer, we’re drooling over some of the footage we’ve seen this season. The following are some ideas to capture the last bit of summer in a way that only GoPro can.

1. Record Backyard Antics from a Different POV

Test the boundaries of GoPro’s mountability and durability by capturing a backyard activity from multiple angles. Keep settings and frame rates the same—we recommend using 1080p60 set to SuperView to maximize what's captured in the frame. Plus, use the Short Clips feature to get 15- or 30-second clips to combine later.

Some of our favorite mounts for the occasion are:

2. Burst Into Action

Burst Mode should be your best friend this summer. Depending on the speed of your activity, set your burst rate to 30/1s for fleeting moments or 10/1s for a candid. 

3. Make It A Family Affair

Uncle Bob, Aunt Doris, Cousin Pat—they’re all over for a barbecue and using GoPro is the only way to get everyone in the shot without missing out on the fun. Set your GoPro to Time Lapse Photo Mode at 0.5s interval and FOV set to Wide with Protune on.

These settings will ensure you capture the setup, the smiles and the candids with the widest field of view and most vibrant colors.

PROTIP: Combine this strategy with the signature go-anywhere GoPro size and waterproof design, and you can really get creative—cheers to that.

4. Have GoPro, Will Travel

At 115g, GoPro is a traveler-tested and reviewer-approved partner in international crime designed to go places no camera has gone before. The compact, waterproof design can take a beating, but it can also be discrete, all without ever sacrificing image quality. 

PROTIP: You can submit to GoPro Awards year-round with epic travel content. The video above is one of our #TripOn Award recipients, who received $1,000 for this frustrating, yet satisfying video.

5. Dig the Dog Days—Literally

There is no cuter, more willing model than the family pet. We recommend setting up a SuperPhoto shoot using the GoPro app to capture little Fluffy.

First, make sure your GoPro is paired to the GoPro app. Second, turn SuperPhoto on—this Photo Mode analyzes the scene being photographed and intelligently chooses the best enhancement process. Finally, choose the perfect GoPro hiding spot and use the GoPro app to frame up the shot and trigger the shutter button once Fluffy gets down to action.

All of the content in this article came from GoPro Awards submissions. Follow @GoPro for daily content inspiration.